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Serving Fiber Splicing needs in Iowa, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Illinois and surrounding areas.

           At Heartland Fiber Splicing we provide fiber optic splicing and testing services throughout the Midwest. We realize the importance of meeting our customers deadlines without sacrificing safety or quality. Utilizing the latest in equipment and technology, our goal is to provide our customers with fiber optic cabling services they can rely on and trust. From active system cutovers to the newest cell tower based information technologies, our goal is to become the leader in fiber based communication splicing.

Services include but not limited to:Advanced Fiber Optic Splicing Services.

•Single / Multi Mode Fusion Splicing

•Loosetube / ADSS Fiber Splicing

•Aerial / Underground Construction

•Hot Cutovers

•Ring Insertions

•End-to-End Coupling

•Panel Installation / Terminations

•Fiber Reel Testing

•Network Acceptance Testing 

•Testing Documentation Package

•Network Troubleshooting & Repair